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Norwegian Wood Playhouse

Norwegian Wood Playhouse
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This residential design project was one super close to my heart. A container home playhouse.... for my kids! Built, mostly by hand, by their Grandpa.

When my mom past away 8 years ago, my dad took a little of their traveling funds to spend on a beautiful property up in the mountains to get the family away from the hectic environment that we all had fallen into after her passing. We all needed a little relaxing, refreshing, meditation, and just good old family time together.

First came the house and garage, which is another masterpiece itself. Then after I had my son, came the playhouse. Gabriel got a hand on the containers for free from a client who was getting rid of them. We worked out a plan to get them up the hill and then snug into a quiet little corner on our "Norwegian Wood'' property.

The views throughout this property are beautiful no mater which way you turn, and naturally, you need large window views for the playhouse as well. The containers arrive with holes cut out from the previous owners, and to fix them up required a little extra cutting and welding to get them just right.

We play around with a few extra designs, and even at one point had a fourth container sitting on top of the three! However, we settled with something more minimal that couldn't have turned out more perfect for the entire family. Four bunk beds, a dining area, small kitchenette, stove, and movie room. What more do you need in a playhouse?

The design was built around creating a minimalist space, reusing materials from past projects where possible to create a more eco-friendly footprint. We went for a kid version of mid-century modern, threw in a projector screen, and wood-burning stove for the winters, and here you have it. The Norwegian Wood, playhouse. A gift to the grandkids my mom would have loved to play in herself.... or drink a glass of wine while snuggling with the kids. :)  



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