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Slate Bamboo Sheet Set

Slate Bamboo Sheet Set
Slate Bamboo Sheet Set
Slate Bamboo Sheet Set

Designer: Sijo


Cooling and super sofa bamboo sheet set feels like silk but is made with 100% OEKO-TEX certified bamboo! 

Our Bamboo Sheets in this luxurious sheet set are created sustainably with no harmful chemicals.

  • 1x Fitted Bamboo Sheet. Continuous elastic hem hugs your mattress securely
  • 2x Bamboo Pillow Cases (1x Bamboo Pillow Case for Twin/Twin XL sizes). Envelope closures keep you pillow comfortably tucked in
  • 1 x Flat Bamboo Sheet

What makes our Bamboo Bedding different?

  • Promotes healthier sleep: These sheets are antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and cooling. 
  • Ultra-smooth material: Luxurious and silky soft, our bamboo has a smooth, cool to the touch feeling.
  • Sustainably made & eco-friendly: Bamboo self-regenerates, making it a sustainable material. It also requires minimal water or fertilizers, making our production process both eco-friendly and safe.

Ships within 7-10 business days


100% Natural Bamboo Sheets
No Harsh Chemicals
OEKO-TEX certified bamboo fibers

Care & Maintenance

Your Bamboo Sheet Set is naturally soft, so keep it that way by washing on a gentle cycle with cold water. Tumble dry bamboo sheets on low, or steam them if preferred. Can you dry clean bamboo sheets? Of course, but we recommend gentle hand washing whenever possible.

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