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Abrego grew from a passion of building custom designs to fulfill an interior design need. We love working with designers, homeowners, business owners and creative minds to create custom work. Since 2010, owners Gabriel Abrego and Bergen Wood envisioned creating a furniture business that combined their carpentry and interior design skills. Our vision comes from across the globe, taking tropical or Spanish designs and creating modern pieces that work with a variety of styles.

 Our company is two brands in one. Abrego Design and Abrego Interiors.

Abrego Design is our handmade furniture shop, designing custom pieces that are built to last. In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, our goal is create furniture that is made from sustainably sourced or reclaimed wood where possible. All our finishes are VOC free and any fabrics we keep in house are natural fibers or recycled poly or wool. One day we hope to completely eliminate all sources of plastic in our shop.

Abrego Interiors is our interior design studio built around sustainable principles and beautiful modern designs. We work with clients in all channels including healthcare, commercial, hospitality and residential. 



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