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  • Custom Office Furniture
We rarely make the same piece twice, and while it means new concepts and engineering, each piece is a method learned from the last. It’s fun to see how over time our pieces grow from woodworking, metal design to the finish process. Love what you do! Do what you love! 
#abregodesign #customofficefurniture
  • A side project, #shousugiban art experiment. We’ll see how this one turns out. Did you know this type of treatment from Japan makes the wood more resistant to water, bugs, and fires?? A few steps are involved but this is a great aesthetic for outdoor furniture! #abregodesign
  • Feeling all kinda of moods today but loving this one right now 👆🏽 #darktablemood #abregodesign
  • Updated for a more baby friendly coffee table with two mobile and very active kids. Loving that this gives us so much more room for the mess that happens here daily. Used General Finishes High Performance in flat for a durable finish that keeps the natural tone of maple without yellowing. 
#abregodesign #coffeetable