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  • Loving the simplicity of this Scandinavia style bench, now available to purchase on our Etsy shop! This 4ft bench is perfect for entryways, end of bed, bathroom, you name it. Check it out! 
#abregodesign #scandiboho
  • Had another install at one of our clients house and got to see this entertainment center in use. It’s an awesome feeling when you get to see your furniture in its final place. 
#abregodesign #finishedproduct
  • Our newest addition to the Samson collection... the Samson Raw Bench. Named for its strength and organic edges. I’ve been inspired to do some Nordic designs lately, and I’m loving the rustic look this blue pine is adding to its aesthetic.
#abregodesign #scandistyle
  • A good look at the side of our redwood slab table, just for fun. 
#abregodesign #slabtable