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  • Spreading a little Christmas cheer with our redwood table against our favorite green wall.  Give a gift that lasts a lifetime! Custom wood and metal furniture that you can use all year long.
#abregodesign #localeoc
  • Preserving the life of this tree and showing off the many wrinkles and rings, scars and burrows that defined it’s time on earth. A glass top will let everyone know its story. 
#abregodesign #salvagedwood
  • The final product: a shou sugi ban outdoor dining table. We finished this table off with a linseed oil finish to keep it natural and paired with a glass top. This is one art piece to spruce up the outdoor living. #woodcarving #shousugiban #abregodesign
  • Custom Office Furniture
We rarely make the same piece twice, and while it means new concepts and engineering, each piece is a method learned from the last. It’s fun to see how over time our pieces grow from woodworking, metal design to the finish process. Love what you do! Do what you love! 
#abregodesign #customofficefurniture